Event entries: Pěkné prázdniny

for club: K.O.B. Choceň

Rovensko pod Troskami
TUR - OOB TJ Turnov
Entries limited
Regular: 1150
Stand-by: 500
Reg. number
D14 CHC0051 Chaloupková Kateřina C Yes Yes Yes 320290 300 CZK
H12 CHC0101 Švadlena Michal B Yes Yes Yes 2011852 300 CZK
D12 CHC0151 Jelínková Zuzana C Yes Yes Yes 206405 300 CZK
H65 CHC4601 Švadlena Jiří C Yes Yes Yes 9554 360 CZK
H50 CHC6001 Janeba Petr C Yes Yes Yes 9573 450 CZK
D45 CHC6651 Semrádová Jitka C Yes Yes Yes 331708 450 CZK
D45 CHC6751 Jelínková Marta C Yes Yes Yes 9541 450 CZK
D40 CHC6951 Chaloupková Lenka C Yes Yes Yes 9542 450 CZK
H35 CHC7502 Švadlena Pavel C Yes Yes Yes 2011854 450 CZK
H21B CHC8601 Sýkora Bohumil C Yes Yes Yes 9563 450 CZK
D21C CHC8851 Pěluchová Daniela C Yes Yes Yes 9549 450 CZK
H20 CHC9402 Sháněl Jan A Yes Yes Yes 2053589 450 CZK
H18 CHC9501 Křivda Martin A Yes Yes Yes 2025344 450 CZK
H18 CHC9602 Janeba Vladimír A Yes Yes Yes 9572 450 CZK
H16 CHC9701 Semrád Ladislav A Yes Yes Yes 2053577 450 CZK
D16 CHC9852 Chaloupková Veronika A Yes Yes Yes 9569 450 CZK
H14 CHC9901 Křivda Tomáš A Yes Yes Yes 2025366 300 CZK
D14 CHC9951 Semrádová Jana B Yes Yes Yes 425544 300 CZK
club fee: 7260 CZK , services: 2100 CZK, total: 9360 CZK
Note. lines marked with yellow are participants that are registered over the quota (max 1150 participants) and are in the substitution list (max 500 participants).