Event entries: Pěkné prázdniny s OB v Českém ráji

for club: KOB Kladno

Hrubá Skála, Rokytnice
TUR - OOB TJ Turnov
Reg. number
D18 DKL0050 Benešová Hana C No No No 49640 600 CZK
H16 DKL0100 Postolka Jonáš C No No No 2800297 600 CZK
H16 DKL0101 Kohout Václav C No No No 2080903 600 CZK
H16 DKL0102 Melichna Matěj B No No No 682699 600 CZK
D16 DKL0150 Horychová Zuzana C No No No 515197 600 CZK
D16 DKL0151 Geislerová Aneta B No No No 2042535 600 CZK
D12 DKL0651 Kohoutová Zdeňka C No No No 2080902 300 CZK
H10 DKL0700 Geisler Richard C No No No 2067952 300 CZK
H10L DKL0800 Janda Šimon C No No No 2111751 300 CZK
H50 DKL6600 Beneš Jan C No No No 49646 600 CZK
H35 DKL6901 Šemelík Petr C No No No 515065 600 CZK
D45 DKL7050 Benešová Jaroslava C No No No 49647 600 CZK
D45 DKL7053 Postolková Monika C No No No 2042542 600 CZK
H35 DKL7101 Datel Jiří C No No No 995851 600 CZK
D45 DKL7150 Bejčková Jana C No No No 301616 600 CZK
D45 DKL7251 Kohoutová Zdeňka C No No No 888635 600 CZK
HDR DKL7252 Jandová Kateřina C No No No 7207773 300 CZK
H35 DKL7300 Vítek Jiří C No No No 2800324 600 CZK
H35 DKL8000 Jedlička Michal C No No No 1416366 600 CZK
H20 DKL9800 Beneš Jan C No No No 49648 600 CZK
H20 DKL9802 Pelikán Lukáš B No No No 7207341 600 CZK
H18 DKL9900 Postolka Jáchym B No No No 888621 600 CZK
Use following variable symbol in the payment: 170202
club fee: 12000 CZK , services: 300 CZK, total: 12300 CZK
Note. lines marked with yellow are participants that are registered over the quota (max 1300 participants) and are in the substitution list (max 500 participants).