Event entries: Pěkné prázdniny

for club: Matfyz Praha

Rovensko pod Troskami
TUR - OOB TJ Turnov
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Reg. number
H12 MFP0101 Forst Antonín C Yes Yes Yes 218851 300 CZK
H12 MFP0103 Siegl Matyáš B Yes Yes Yes 443110 300 CZK
D12 MFP0150 Šimšová Barbora B Yes Yes Yes 428243 300 CZK
H10 MFP0300 Šimša Martin B Yes Yes Yes 218785 300 CZK
D10 MFP0451 Pračková Ema C Yes Yes Yes 426373 300 CZK
D10L MFP0550 Blahutová Martina C Yes Yes Yes 53611 300 CZK
D10L MFP0551 Šimšová Pavla C Yes Yes Yes 428269 300 CZK
H50 MFP6301 Forst Libor C Yes Yes Yes 303939 450 CZK
P4 MFP6600 Valtr Pavel C Yes Yes Yes 218786 300 CZK
H45 MFP6700 Siegl Roman C Yes Yes Yes 443068 450 CZK
D40 MFP6850 Forstová Lenka C Yes Yes Yes 410727 450 CZK
D40 MFP6950 Pelikánová Lucie C Yes Yes Yes 410387 450 CZK
D40 MFP7050 Sieglová Dáša C Yes Yes Yes 443075 450 CZK
H40 MFP7100 Šimša Jaromír C Yes Yes Yes 51712 450 CZK
H21C MFP7301 Blahuta Marek C Yes Yes Yes 897349 450 CZK
H21A MFP7302 Pračka Tomáš C Yes Yes Yes 448935 450 CZK
D35 MFP7651 Šimšová Jana C Yes Yes Yes 682683 450 CZK
D35 MFP7850 Pračková Zita C Yes Yes Yes 2045228 450 CZK
D21C MFP7953 Blahutová Hanka C Yes Yes Yes 51928 450 CZK
D14 MFP9950 Sieglová Eliška B Yes Yes Yes 443101 300 CZK
club fee: 7650 CZK , services: 1670 CZK, total: 9320 CZK
Note. lines marked with yellow are participants that are registered over the quota (max 1150 participants) and are in the substitution list (max 500 participants).